Creates a water-loving contact lens that offers all-day comfort especially for those who experience symptoms related to dryness during lens wear.

PC Technology™

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PC Technology™ is a unique lens material that attracts and maintains moisture. We created the technology which equips the lens with a more deposit resistant surface, thus reducing the risk of lens irritation.

Here’s how PC Technology™ works: Phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules are naturally moisture-loving. They attract the water molecules in your tears and bind them to the surface of the contact lenses. This creates a “shield” of water around the lenses that helps keep them clean and hydrated, so they feel moist and comfortable throughout the day.

In addition, PC Technology™ contact lenses retain up to 96% of their original water content—even after 12 hours of wear—giving you all-day comfort.


comfortable contact lenses


Gives you lenses that remain fresh, hydrated and comfortable all day long



Deposit-resistant surface helps to keep contact lenses clean and the eyes healthy

PC Technology™ at work

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For contact lenses that offer all-day comfort, ask your eye care professional about Proclear® lenses with PC Technology.