March 31, 2017

Service Enhancement Increases Likelihood of Contact Lens Subscription Adoption
PLEASANTON, Calif., March 31, 2017 — LensFerry® S, the innovative contact lens subscription service from EyeCare Prime®, has added an option for online patient enrollment, increasing the likelihood of patient participation and practice sales. Wearers can now sign up and order their lenses from any connected device.
The enhanced functionality joins the existing in-practice enrollment option. Staff can now enter patients into the system following an on-site exam or appointment, or – with the new feature –  enter a patient’s information and prescription later, then trigger an email to the patient with contact lens product and pricing details. From there, patients can easily confirm their interest and enroll in a matter of seconds.
“While in-practice enrollment only takes a few minutes, we know that time-pressed patients may be in a hurry to leave following an appointment,” said Mark Lindsey, Global General Manager, EyeCare Prime®. “Adding online enrollment gives patients the chance to sign up from their phone or laptop – something they’ve come to expect in a subscription economy. This convenient, post-exam digital touchpoint should help eye care professionals capture even more subscriptions, keeping contact lens sales and revenue within their practice.”
With LensFerry® S, wearers pay monthly for their lenses—from any major manufacturer, in any modality—and receive automatic deliveries directly to their homes. The practice that prescribes the contact lenses and enrolls the patient in the service receives the sales revenue as if the lenses had been paid for in-office. Unlike some other direct-to-consumer subscription models, LensFerry® S does not force patients to switch to a different lens, since the eye care practitioner retains the ability to choose among major brands and materials. 
Early adopters of LensFerry® S have reported up to a 20% increase in annual supply sales in their practices. Patients have been enjoying the ease and simplicity of ordering their annual supply with convenient payment terms, all from their own eye doctor. With the online enrollment option, patients can further benefit from the anytime/anywhere ordering LensFerry S offers.
LensFerry® S is available to all eye care practices in the United States. It costs $49 per month, plus $2.50 per shipment.  For every completed patient subscription through LensFerry® S, EyeCare Prime® makes a donation towards an eye exam to Optometry Giving Sight.
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