A contact lenses case on top of an eye chart.

As a contact lens wearer, it’s easy to end up with a collection of unused cases at the back of the medicine cabinet. Since it’s important to change your contact lens case every one to three months, that adds up to four to twelve new cases a year. Even though you shouldn’t use them again for contact lenses due to bacteria contamination, that’s no reason to throw them away. Here are some creative uses for old contact lens cases:


1–Travel Jewelry Case

Unused contact lens cases make perfect storage containers for small earrings, rings, or even fake eyelashes. The screw on lids will keep them secure and free of moisture.

2–Pill Container

When you need to take your daily pills or vitamins with you, an unsued contact case easily lets you throw them in your bag or pocket without fear of them getting lost or damaged. If you like to keep certain meds on you all the time like aspirin or ibuprofen, these cases make for convenient storage. (note: this is not a childproof method of storing pills.)

3–Condiment Holder

If you’re packing a lunch and don’t want to bring the whole ketchup or mayonnaise bottle along, throw a little of each in an clean, unused contact case. It’s great for portion-control as well.

4–Travel Grooming Product Case

Why go to the pharmacy to buy expensive travel soaps and lotions when you can just use your old contact cases for hair gel, face cream, foundation, lip gloss etc.? They take up very little room in your luggage and let you use what you already have at home.

4–Mouthwash Holder

An emergency dose of mouthwash in your bag or pocket can come in handy on those days when they put extra onions on your burger at lunch, or a special someone drops in for an impromptu date.

5–Earplug Container

Ever wonder where to put your little foam earplugs when travelling? Wonder no more. An old contact case is the perfect size, plus it will keep them clean.

6–Headphones Protector

Earbud-style headphones can get easily damaged and tangled up in your bag. However, storing them in a contact case not only protects the earbuds, but keeps the cord organized. Simply cut a gap on each side of the contact lens case so the stem of the earbud lays flat with the rest inside the reservoir. Screw on the lids and wrap the cord around the center of the case for a perfectly packaged set of headphones.

The statistics on lens case compliance are certainly worrisome–70% of contact lens cases are contaminated from overuse and 1 in 4 contact lens wearers never replace their case. We hope these fun suggestions for old contact cases help inspire you to take care of your eyes by regularly changing your lens case.

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