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The influence and impact of color differs across countries and cultures. Yet, no matter where you call home, the most powerful color choices in your life are likely to be the ones you make for yourself. The colors you choose for your clothes, your hair, your skateboard—whatever the case may be—can reflect your personality, make a statement, or just had some fun to your day.

The same can be true for your eye color, as well. For the care and safety of your eyes, however, it’s essential to visit a licensed optician or ophthalmologist for a prescription and professional lens fitting—even if you have perfect vision. And only buy the lenses from a seller that requires a prescription.

Natural-looking colored lenses offer excellent vision quality and comfort—with or without vision correction. Today’s advanced contact lens technology provides a variety of colored lenses that look great, offer excellent vision quality, and feel very comfortable. And they’re not just for people who need vision correction. Eye care professionals can also prescribe and fit your eyes for colored contacts that don’t provide vision correction. Creative thinkers might even want to combine the look of non-corrective colored lenses with the eyeglasses they already wear.

Color and costume contact lenses are really medical devices. Because your eyes are one of your body’s most important and delicate parts, what you put in and on them must be medically safe and properly fitted. That’s why contact lenses are actually considered medical devices, even though they may be used like a fashion accessory or makeup.

Whether for long-term use, a one-time costume party, or a short-term character portrayal, plan ahead before buying any type of color or decorative contact lenses. The most important step is to consult a licensed optician or ophthalmologist. Even if you don’t need vision correction, an eye exam, prescription and contact lens fitting by an eye care professional is essential.

Contact lenses that are not precisely fitted to your eyes can cause serious eye problems, including:

  • Scratches, cuts and open sores
  • Blood vessels growing into the cornea
  • Damaged or impaired vision
  • Potentially blinding eye infections

Eye and health care professionals are particularly concerned because of the number of unlicensed providers selling popular costume lenses and other decorative contacts to an unsuspecting public.

Be safe for your vision’s sake

For many people, colored contact lenses are a great way to temporarily change the color of their eyes. They could be for you, too. Just be safe and smart about your choices. See your eye doctor for professional care. And whether you shop online or in person, only buy your contacts from a seller that requires a prescription from an eye doctor. Don't have an eye doctor? Use our Find an Eye Doctor tool.

Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.

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