Our Refreshing Perspective to You
A mother smiling and baking with her kids.

One type of contact lens may help with astigmatism, while another corrects nearsightedness. But outside of those minor differences, all contact lenses are pretty much the same, right?

Not at all. We’ll explain.

Picture your favorite bakery…one that really causes your taste buds to scream, “Wow!”

Got that mental image? Great. As we “walk” into the shop, the freshly baked aroma greets you. The ambiance is perfect. The place just feels right. The muffins here taste better than you’ve found elsewhere. But why?

Upon a quick glance at the baker mixing the ingredients and rolling out the dough, it might appear as if that process is exactly the same as the baker down the street.

And yet, something is different.

A few secret ingredients…? Most likely. But there’s something beyond that.

When you find a place like the one we’ve described (and lucky you when you do!), the main thing that sets it apart is the love that goes into each and every item. You just don’t get that type of artistry unless someone is passionate about what he or she is doing. 

This is what separates CooperVision from the rest of the guys out there.

We offer a refreshing perspective to you. We know that you’re unique. Your eyes are different from everyone else.  We understand that contact lenses are one of the many valuable ingredients in your life every day. We’re here to help you obtain the freedom you want by choosing contacts instead of eye glasses, and provide you with the long-lasting comfort you’re looking for—from the start of your day, until the end of it, no matter how long that may be.

We’ve been making contact lenses worldwide for decades. Internal studies we’ve conducted have shown that our team is extremely committed to what we do and the contacts we bring to you.

As a company, CooperVision has a very strong heritage of overcoming the toughest contact lens problems. It’s our commitment to bringing you the best, and the pride of a job well done that sees us through.

In addition to this, we’re real people.

If you want to share anything with us, feel free. We’re here for you. That’s part of the reason why this blog exists. Not only do we want to share contact lens information that’s relevant to your world, but we also want to hear what’s on your mind.

You’re important to us. And providing you with the right contacts is important, too.

Like our baker, we combine a mixture of years and years of superior technical artistry with a strong, old-fashioned passion for what we do.

That’s us. Those are our contacts. And that’s the refreshing perspective we offer you.     




Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.
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