Water is a vital resource—for our business and for the communities where we live and work. By continually reducing our overall usage, increasing reuse and recycling efforts, and making better use of collected rainwater, we conserve millions of gallons/liters of water each year. This not only benefits our business, but helps protect the local water supplies in the communities where we operate.


Reusing process water
In our Puerto Rico facility, the thoughtful repurposing of manufacturing process water into cooling towers saves tens of millions of gallons annually.

Repurposing rainwater
Rainwater collection programs divert natural rainfall for use in lavatories and climate control systems.

Minimizing demand and waste
These efforts reduce demand on city-supplied water by 35% and keep 1.4 million gallons (5.299 million liters) of waste water out of Public Operated Treatment Works each month*.

*2016-2017. Data subject to change