September 07, 2017

To Our U.S. Eye Care Professionals:

In Summer 2016, CooperVision introduced Biofinity Energys™ to the U.S. market. Reaction to this groundbreaking contact lens has been extremely positive, with practitioners like yourself eager to learn more about the product and begin fitting wearers. We have appreciated your comments about the performance of the lens, and hearing how thousands of digital device users have shared your enthusiasm.

As part of its introduction, we added the product to our Unilateral Pricing Policy (UPP), similar to our actions for some of our other recent new product offerings. Considering that Biofinity Energys is now well-established in the market, the time has come to remove UPP, effective immediately.

This decision was thoughtfully deliberated, much like we take any action that affects our customers and wearers. In that same spirit, we will continue to assess the value of UPP for future products.

Our dedication to working hand-in-hand with prescribers grows stronger by the day. With an eye on achieving our shared purpose of helping improve the way people see each day, our teams continue to enhance programs that help you provide competitively priced contact lenses to your patients, as well as increase lens fits, profitability and patient retention. Whether we are launching product and service innovations, creating sustainable pricing and rebate programs, or advocating for optometry’s ever-advancing role among our legislative leaders, the people of CooperVision believe that a successful future lies in continued collaboration with eye care professionals.

Thank you for helping to make Biofinity Energys a breakthrough success over the course of its first year, your ongoing feedback and your passion for furthering the promise and potential of eye health.


Jerry Warner
President, Americas
CooperVision, Inc.