October 21, 2019

Studies Focus on Toric Lens Performance, Contact Lens Durability to Extreme Temperatures, the Environmental Impact of Contact Lens Disposal, and More

SAN RAMON, Calif., October 21, 2019—CooperVision clinicians and research partners are among the hundreds of presenters lined up to report their scientific advancements this week at Academy 2019 in Orlando. The latest company and company-sponsored research will be summarized in a series of papers and posters that encompass the company’s breadth and depth of study and support.

“Our dedication to scientific exploration and clinical innovation keeps expanding as we grow,” said Michele Andrews, OD, Senior Director of Professional and Academic Affairs, North America, CooperVision. “By closely partnering with the research community and eye care professionals, we can identify trending issues and more deeply understand needs that have yet to be fully met. Our commitment is to discover insights and answers, pose new questions for future investigation, and continuously improve contact lens technology that helps ECPs and patients alike.”

CooperVision’s paper and poster sessions include:


  • Environmental Waste Analysis of Two Contact Lens Replacement Modalities
    3:15 – 3:30 p.m.                     Room W224 ABC
    Gary Orsborn, OD, Vice President of Global Clinical & Professional Affairs, CooperVision
    Sarah Smith, BSc, MCOptom
    There is growing evidence of increasing microplastic pollution of the world’s oceans, and wider environmental concerns regarding use and disposable of contact lens materials. This study examines the amount of waste produced annually with a daily disposable modality versus a monthly replacement modality with the use of a multipurpose solution.


  • Tolerance of a Range of Soft Contact Lenses and Lens Care Products to Temperature Extremes
    4:30 – 6:30 p.m.                      Exhibit Hall Board #178
    Anna Sulley, Director of Global Medical Affairs, CooperVision
    During shipment around the world from manufacturer or distributor to eye care practices or direct to wearers, contact lenses and lens care products may be exposed to extreme temperatures. In this study, these conditions were simulated to evaluate the effect of such conditions on key parameters, product quality and efficacy.


  • Comparing In-Office Evaluations to Subjective Evaluations for Two Toric Lenses
    10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.         Exhibit Hall Board #64
    Sarah Guthrie, Senior Research Scientist, Centre for Ocular Research & Education
    Jill Woods, Head of Clinical Research, Centre for Ocular Research & Education
    This study evaluated the performance of two monthly replacement toric contact lenses, CooperVision Biofinity toric and Bausch + Lomb Ultra toric, using in-office assessments and subjective evaluations after one month of wear. Although both lenses provided similar, high-level results for lens fit, stability, and acuity, Biofinity toric was found to be superior in the subjective evaluations—illustrating that the patient experience cannot always be predicted from in-office evaluations.

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