March 19, 2015

More Than 10,000 Fit Sets Have Been Distributed Since September

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 19, 2015 — Just seven months after adding clariti® 1 day to its family of silicone hydrogel contact lenses, CooperVision, Inc. reported today that demand from U.S. eye care practitioners has been strong, exceeding the company’s initial expectations.


“After the close of the Sauflon acquisition in August—which brought clariti 1 day to CooperVision—one of our first orders of business was to get these lenses into the hands of more eye care practitioners in the U.S., and that has been a huge focus these last several months,” said Bob Ferrigno, president, North America, CooperVision. “Feedback from practitioners about the performance of all three clariti 1 day products has been very positive, and they are excited about the opportunity for growth that clariti 1 day presents for their practices.”


Since September, CooperVision has placed more than 10,000 fit sets into the hands of customers across the U.S. Customers can order clariti 1 day lenses directly through CooperVision, and the company has worked to steadily expand availability of the lenses through authorized distributors.


“clariti 1 day is the only silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens that will fit nearly every lifestyle and patient,” said Roxanne Achong-Coan, OD, FAAO, of Coan Eye Care in Orlando, Fl. “It offers affordable innovation to both the doctor and the patient, and brings patient loyalty and referrals to our practice.”


clariti 1 day is available in sphere, toric, and multifocal options. clariti features high water content to support excellent all-day comfort and high oxygen transmissibility to provide a healthier lens-wearing experience.


“In my practice, clariti 1 day has given me the opportunity to fit patients who previously believed they could not wear contact lenses,” said Steven Rosinski, OD, who practices at Crozet Eye Care in Charlottesville, Va. “clariti is the first silicone hydrogel daily disposable available in multifocal and toric, so it opens up a whole new patient base to draw from. I have found that I’m encouraging patients just to try them, even if they weren’t comfortable in contact lenses in the past. In most situations, my patients have found that clariti 1 day works for them, and they love being able to wear daily disposable contact lenses.”


clariti® 1 day lenses feature sphere powers from +8.00D to -10.00D (0.25 steps up to ±6.00D, 0.50 steps beyond ±6.00D); a base curve of 8.6mm; and a diameter of 14.1mm.

clariti® 1 day toric lenses power ranges include plano to -6.00D (0.25 steps), -6.50D to -9.00D (0.50 steps) with cylinder options of -0.75D, -1.25D, and -1.75D in axes of 90º ±30º and 180º ±20º, –2.25D in axes of 90º and 180º ±20º; and +0.25D to +4.00D (0.25DS steps) with cylinder options of –0.75D, –1.25D, and –1.75D in axes of 20°, 70°, 90°, 110°, 160°, and 180°.

clariti® 1 day multifocal features the same base curve, diameter, center thickness and Dk/t as the clariti® 1 day lens, with a power range of +5.00D to -6.00D (0.25 steps) with ADD powers of Low (up to +2.25D) and High (+2.25D to +3.00D).


clariti® 1 day is available in 90-pack cartons, and clariti® 1 day toric and multifocal are available in 30-pack cartons.

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