December 12, 2023

Over 2,000 eminent eye care professionals convened at Marriott Taipei, setting new benchmarks to elevate myopia management as the standard of care for patients

Singapore, December 12, 2023CooperVision, a world-renowned leader in myopia management and a global contact lens manufacturer, has successfully concluded its highly anticipated 3rd Asia-Pacific Myopia Management Symposium (APMMS). Held on 10 December 2023, at Marriott Taipei, the flagship event gathered more than 2,000 eye care experts in-person and virtually across the globe, including from the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as from key myopia epicenters such as Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan. The symposium fostered discussions on the growing prevalence of myopia, emerging interventions for the disease management, and best practices in myopia care, paving the way forward in establishing myopia management as the standard of care, both within Asia and beyond.

The symposium commenced with opening addresses delivered by prominent eye care leaders: Dr. Lin Pi Jung, President, Universal Eye Center; Dr. Wu Pei Chang, Director, Myopia Treatment and Prevention Center and Professor, Chang Gun Memorial University; and Ms. Kathy Park, President, CooperVision Asia Pacific. Together, they articulated a shared vision to construct a myopia-resilient future encompassing the exploration of new interventions, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. The thought-provoking sharing of the leaders set an influential tone for a series of enlightening sessions that followed during the full-day event.

Reflecting on the success of the event, Shila Gupta, Myopia Management General Manager, CooperVision Asia-Pacific, expressed excitement about the symposium’s profound impact: “As myopia prevalence rises in Asia-Pacific, APMMS 2023 has emerged as a beacon for myopia management, advocating the need for intervention strategies. As the landscape of myopia care continues to evolve, we are confident that APMMS will serve as a nexus for the global community and lead vital conversations in the field of myopia management. At CooperVision, we are committed to supporting solutions that will shape the future of myopia management in the region and globally.”

Divided into three sessions followed by panel discussions, the symposium featured speakers and moderators from leading eye care organizations and institutions across the globe.

  • Session 1: “Reframing Myopia: A Disease Demanding Urgent Treatment” discussed global trends surrounding myopia management, the evolution of myopia treatment in children, and myopia development in childhood, including risks and protective factors. It emphasized the critical need to tackle myopia as a pressing health issue. The session was moderated by A/Prof. Mark Bullimore, Adjunct Professor, University of Houston and an Independent Consultant; and Ms. Tacy Song, Head of Professional Affairs, Myopia Management, CooperVision Asia Pacific. Presenters included Prof. Nicola Logan, Professor of Optometry and Director of Research for Optometry and Vision Science Research Group, School of Optometry, Aston University, Birmingham, UK; Dr. Baek Seung-Hee, Director, Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Center at Kim’s Eye Hospital; Dr. Sayuri Ninomiya, Director, Itami Central Eye Clinic; Dr. Tzu Hsun Tsai, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Chair of Department of Ophthalmology National Taiwan University Hospital, Hsin-Chu; and Dr. Wu Pei Chang.
  • Session 2: “Empowering Myopia Control: Leveraging Technology, Research, and Real-World Evidence” discussed advancements in myopia management, real-world insights on managing the disease, and the importance of customized treatments to meet patient needs. It highlighted the role of technology and research in shaping the trajectory of myopia care and explored strategies to empower effective myopia management. The session was moderated by Dr. Kate Gifford, Co-founder, Myopia Profile and Visiting Research Fellow, Queensland University of Technology. Presenters included A/Prof. Mark Bullimore; Prof. Nicola Logan; Ms. Elizabeth Lumb, Director, Global Professional Affairs, Myopia Management, CooperVision; Dr. Lin Hui Ju, Director, China Medical University Hospital; Dr. Leah Johnson, Senior Manager, Myopia Management, CooperVision; Dr. Yu-Hsuan Huang, Director, Shilin Universal Eye Center; and A/Prof. Maria Liu, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley School of Optometry, Founder of the Myopia Control Clinic of UC Berkeley Eye Center.
  • Session 3: “Building a Future-Proof Practice with Myopia Management” discussed preventive therapies and patient-centric approaches in myopia management, and the importance of setting the gold standard in myopia care. It provided strategies for creating a future-proof practice that adheres to the highest standards in the ever-evolving myopia management landscape. The session was moderated by Dr. Lin Pi Jung and Dr. Kate Gifford. Presenters included Mr. Ian Dolling, General Manager, CooperVision China Cluster; Dr. Maria Liu; Dr. Ng Wei Yan, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Singapore National Eye Centre; and Dr. Foo Li Lian, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Clinical Assistant Professor, Singapore National Eye Centre.

As Asia continues to grapple with the rising prevalence of myopia, the need for collaborative efforts within the industry has become more pressing than ever. Emphasizing this, Dr. Lin Pi Jung, CEO, Universal Eye Center said, “APMMS 2023 has not only marked a significant milestone in our collective journey to combat myopia but also solidified Taiwan's role as a hub for knowledge exchange in myopia research. As the official partner for this symposium, Universal Eye Center is proud to contribute to the global dialogue on myopia management. We believe that collaboration, innovation, and shared insights are key to addressing the challenges posed by myopia. Through events like APMMS, we are committed to fostering an environment where industry leaders, experts, and researchers come together to shape the future of myopia care. Our partnership with CooperVision underscores our shared dedication to make a positive impact on eye health worldwide.”

Through APMMS, CooperVision aims to lead discussions on myopia, best practices within its management, and clinical insights that can advance the care and treatment of the disease. The strategic collaboration with industry leaders, including Universal Eye Center this year, underscores CooperVision’s commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges posed by myopia.

CooperVision remains dedicated to providing innovative myopia management solutions. APMMS concluded with a renewed sense of urgency and commitment to address the growing prevalence of myopia across Asia, fostering collaboration and innovation to shape the future of myopia management in the region.

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