April 20, 2021

Resources Support Patient Education and Engagement, 
Complement New clariti® 1 day Net Plastic Neutral Initiative

SAN RAMON, Calif., April 20, 2021—To help eye care professionals make a positive impact on the environment—on Earth Day and every day—CooperVision has developed a series of sustainability tools for practices. The toolkit supports ECPs interested in implementing or enhancing their own sustainability efforts, and complements the recently introduced clariti® 1 day net plastic neutral initiative.

Research shows that 85% of eye care professionals go out of their way to be environmentally friendly1, and 94% of contact lens wearers agree that keeping plastic out of the oceans is important2.

“These shared values indicate that many ECPs will benefit from resources to help educate and connect with their patients through sustainability,” said Melissa Kiewe, Vice President of Marketing, Americas, CooperVision. “CooperVision is continuously evaluating and innovating to expand our steadfast commitment to sustainability, and our partnership with like-minded practices will only strengthen our collective impact.”

The tools include educational infographics and videos, patient communication materials such as e-mail templates and website assets, and a broad range of ideas for making practices more “green.” The entire kit is available for download here.

Eye care professionals prescribing clariti® 1 day are also contributing to making a difference. CooperVision clariti® 1 day is the first net plastic neutral contact lens thanks to the company’s partnership with Plastic Bank®3. For every box of clariti® 1 day distributed in the United States since the start of 2021, CooperVision funds the collection, processing, and reuse of general plastic waste that is equal to the weight of the plastic contained in clariti® 1 day lenses and packaging.

“Thanks to partners like CooperVision, we ensure sustainability is at the core of everyday actions, while empowering consumers to make lasting impact in our recycling ecosystems worldwide,” said David Katz, Founder and CEO of Plastic Bank.

Based on ECP fits and patient purchases of clariti® 1 day in the first three months of 2021, CooperVision, its customers, and wearers have removed the equivalent of more than 5.5 million plastic bottles from the environment.

“Earth Day serves as an important reminder of why we’re on this sustainability journey, but it’s a commitment we must live every day,” said Kiewe. “This is only the beginning of what we can accomplish with the clariti® 1 day net plastic neutral initiative combined with our other efforts. We invite everyone to join us in doing whatever we can to make a difference.”

Learn more about CooperVision’s sustainability commitment and the clariti® 1 day net plastic neutral initiative at clariti.coopervision.com.

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1 United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). What is CSR? Accessed January 1, 2021. https://www.unido.org/our-focus/advancing-economic-competitiveness/competitive-trade-capacities-and-corporate-responsibility/corporate-social-responsibility-market-integration/what-csr

2 CVI data on file 2020. Decision Analyst online survey with 1-day soft contact lens wearers in the U.S., n=304. Top 3 box on 7 point scale.

3 CVI data on file 2020. Sustainability report, clariti® 1 day in U.S. Based on top 4 global contact lens manufacturers.

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