April 23, 2024

Partnership Mobilizes Optometrists to Advance New Standard of Care for Children with Myopia;
Nominations for State-Level Change Agents Open through May 17

SAN RAMON, CALIF., April 23, 2024CooperVision and the American Optometric Association (AOA) today launched The Myopia Collective, a groundbreaking partnership to rally the optometry profession and its allies to elevate the standard of care for children with myopia, shifting focus from mere correction to embracing comprehensive treatment.1-3 Attendees at AOA on Capitol Hill 2024 received a preview of the initiative last week, provoking passionate support from optometry leaders and national policymakers.

The backbone of The Myopia Collective will be Change Agents—ambassadors who will receive specialized training in myopia management within their practices and lead legislative and community advocacy efforts. One or two Change Agents will be appointed per U.S. state and several territories, ensuring cross-country representation. Optometrists interested in integrating myopia management into their practices and driving positive change for children and their families are encouraged to apply by May 17.

“Disrupting the status quo and establishing a new standard of care for children with myopia is a monumental task, one that requires collective effort. The AOA’s full and active participation in The Myopia Collective alongside CooperVision is an unmistakable sign of how critical this issue is to the eye health and vision care for Americans both today and in the decades to come,”4-6 said Michele Andrews, OD, Vice President, Professional and Government Affairs, Americas, CooperVision.

“Through The Myopia Collective, and with CooperVision’s ardent support, engagement in myopia management at the practice level and outreach at the state and local levels will substantially increase—effective advocacy delivering tangible change. It’s what our communities, our children, and the optometric profession deserve, and the AOA is proud to be part of this movement,” said AOA President, Ronald L. Benner.

Change Agents will participate in an educational workshop this September in Chicago, providing training on the issues, opportunities, and skills required to effectively add myopia management to their practices and represent The Myopia Collective. Through this and other gatherings to come, Change Agents will have the chance to network and collaborate with fellow professionals, who together will make a meaningful impact on both the profession and patients’ lives.

Every individual within the optometric profession, regardless of credential or role, are encouraged to join The Myopia Collective as Members. Participation signifies a common dedication to advancing myopia management within their practices and communities. Additionally, Members will gain access to relevant educational opportunities and resources.

The AOA and CooperVision plan to announce the inaugural cohort of Change Agents and share additional aspects of the initiative in conjunction with Optometry’s Meeting, which will be held in Nashville from June 19-22.

For further details about The Myopia Collective, please visit the AOA’s website.


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