October 27, 2020

MANCHESTER, N.H., October 27, 2020Blanchard Contact Lenses, a CooperVision Specialty EyeCare company, announced today that it has expanded its product portfolio in the United States to include Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis® ortho-k lenses.

Paragon CRT® and Paragon CRT Dual Axis® are reverse geometry corneal lenses manufactured in high-Dk gas permeable lens material for myopia management. In 2002, Paragon’s lens designs and material (HDS® 100) were the first to receive FDA-approval for overnight wear with no age restrictions, up to -6.00D of myopic correction (with or without astigmatism) and 1.75D of astigmatic correction.

“We are pleased to further diversify our specialty lens product offerings with Paragon’s innovative CRT® and Dual Axis® ortho-k designs,” said Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lenses. “With myopia growing at epidemic rates, myopia management is becoming one of the essential options for eye care professionals to add to their practice. More broadly, adopting both ortho-k and scleral lenses will allow practitioners to improve the lives and vision of patients of all ages, while making them powerhouses in the specialty eyecare field.”


About Blanchard Contact Lenses
Blanchard Contact Lenses, a CooperVision Specialty EyeCare company, is a leading designer and manufacturer of custom-made GP lens designs of the highest quality, with a specialization in scleral lenses. The company’s proprietary Onefit™ family of scleral lenses offers a variety of designs, making it a versatile option for all eye indications. The most recent design additions are Onefit™ MED and Onefit™ MED+ – fully customizable scleral lens designs for highly irregular/medically indicated corneas, as well as normal corneas, when a larger diameter is needed. Design options for the Onefit™ family of lenses are always being added to Blanchard’s innovative custom tool box, to provide ease of fitting for the practitioner. Blanchard maintains a vision focused on partnering with eye care professionals to offer education and guidance to improve all aspects of the contact lens wearer experience. To learn more, visit www.blanchardlab.com.

About Paragon Vision Sciences  
Paragon Vision Sciences is a member of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare.  It is a world leader in orthokeratology (ortho-k) specialty contact lenses and oxygen permeable contact lens polymers.  To date, Paragon has distributed over 1.5 million Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis® contact lenses in more than 50 countries worldwide. Paragon’s headquarters are in Gilbert, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix. The Paragon team is committed to providing industry leading specialty contact lens designs, premium grade polymers and support to its laboratory partners, certified eye care practitioners and the patients they serve.  To learn more, visit www.paragonvision.com.

Media Contact
Beth Clark, Director of Marketing Communications, Blanchard Contact Lenses
800-367-4009 x139 or beth@blanchardlab.com