CooperVision has been carefully monitoring the outbreak of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety of our employees, customers, partners and communities is our top priority.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 and Contact Lenses

There is currently no evidence to suggest that there is any increased risk of infection or contracting coronavirus through contact lens wear. Remember to follow strict hygiene measures, such as thorough handwashing, along with optimal wear and care procedures. These include replacing your lenses as prescribed, case hygiene for reusable lenses and avoiding lens wear if you are unwell (in particular with any cold or flu-like symptoms).

Avoid touching your eyes, especially in high risk environments, and remember to ask yourself these three questions each time you wear your lenses:

  • Do my eyes feel good with my lenses? There should be no discomfort.
  • Do my eyes look good? There should be no redness.
  • Do I see well? There should be no unusual blurring with either eye.

In need of eye care?

If you have any concerns, remove your contact lenses and consult your eye care professional immediately. While practices begin reopening for full service, many additional practices are still offering emergency services and are here to help.

In need of more contact lenses?

We have partnered with eye care providers from across the country to offer free shipping on two or more boxes of CooperVision contact lenses with a valid prescription, shipped right to your door! Contact your eye doctor to learn more.

Missed your routine eye health exam?

Your vision is important! Make sure that you contact your local eye doctor to reschedule your eye exam and ensure continued vision health.

Want to learn more?

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