Vibrant new look; same excellent product

CooperVision brings you and your patients a refreshing perspective that sets us apart.  And that’s why we have updated the packaging of the clariti® 1 day daily disposable family with color and vibrancy that more clearly portrays how wearers of clariti 1 day live brightly each day. 


In late May, you will begin to receive your orders of clariti 1 day in the new packaging.  Please note that during the transition over the next couple of months, you may receive a shipment that contains sphere lenses in the previous packaging, as well as the new packaging.


Rest assured that although the packaging looks different – it’s the same great product inside.  Your patients will still experience the same exact comfort and ocular health advantages that they have become accustomed to with the clariti 1 day family of products including:

  • High oxygen transmissibility
  • High water content
  • Low modulus
  • UV protection 
  • Affordable

If you have questions about the new packaging or the clariti 1 day family, please contact your CooperVision Sales Representative, call Customer Service at 800 341 2020 or visit us online.


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