You wouldn’t expect to see a contact lens featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. However, the industry experts were very impressed with Biofinity Energys, the contact lens designed for digital life and everyday living.


Here are some of the highlights from CES with links to the relevant article:


Out of the many innovations featured at the show, Biofinity Energys® was described as ‘a must have item for CES 2017’ by Digital Trends magazine.


Marsha Collier, the technology and radio host, in her Musings column, included Biofinity Energys with DigitalBoost technology as part of ‘Why you’ll want these 7 Winning Innovations in Technology from CES 2017’. Read more about this exciting group of products.


For an in-depth review of Biofinity Energys, including a diagram of the DigitalBoost technology, check out this article.

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