Are you interested in wearing contact lenses? You should know that there are special tests done during eye exams for contacts that are not done during an eye exam for eyeglasses. So if you are interested in getting contacts, you should let your eye doctor know ahead of time so that your eye doctor can perform additional tests. These tests are done so that your eye doctor gets the right contact lens fit and prescription for you. Here is what a typical eye exam for contact lenses is like:

Lifestyle Questions

Your eye doctor will ask you questions about your general lifestyle in order to get a better understanding of what contact lens is best for you. CooperVision even offers a quiz called Find Your Lens that allows you to print your results and bring them to your eye doctor to help start the conversation about contact lenses. Here are some possible questions that your eye doctor may ask you:

    • Do you play any sports?
    • Do you suffer from any allergies? Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?
    • Do you feel like your eyes are dry?
    • Do you want to see clearly right away when you wake up?
    • How long is your work day? Are you a night owl?

Eye Measurements

Your eye doctor will then take measurements of your eye in order to ensure that the contact lenses fit properly. Your eye doctor will take measurements of your cornea with an instrument called a keratometer. Your eye doctor may also take pupil and iris measurements too.

Tear Film Assessment

Your eye doctor may perform a test known as a tear film evaluation. This is typically done to see if you have dry eye. Your eye doctor may recommend contact lenses that can help with dry eye symptoms.

Contact Lens Fit

Your eye doctor will check the health of your eye surface using an instrument called a slit lamp. This instrument is also used to help your eye doctor see if a trial contact lens fits well on your eye. It typically takes two visits to complete a contact lens fitting. In the follow up visit, your eye doctor will check and make sure that your contact lenses fit correctly in your eyes.

So that’s what a contact lens eye exam looks like. If you would like more information on contact lenses, make sure to ask your eye doctor. If you need to locate an eye doctor near you, try using our Find An Eye Doctor tool here.

Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.
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