Leveraging Multifocals to Build Your Practice

Leveraging Multifocals to Build Your Practice

Do You Want to Add $25,000 to Your Practice?

In the past year, many practices have experienced a decrease in office traffic and revenue due to the recession. Which begs the question: what can we do in 2010 to bounce back? The answer is actually quite simple – PROMOTE MULTIFOCALS! In my travels across the US, in the many different offices I visit, the most common misstep I witness is the lack of promoting multifocal lenses, which leads to lower profitability for the practice. Most practitioners argue “why would I fit multifocal lenses when they only work in low adds?” Well, the proof is in the numbers: in the last year, despite the economy, contact lens business managed to grow about 6%. However, multifocal contact lens business grew about 12%! 

From the practices I’ve visited, I’ve noticed there are many patients between the ages of 40 and 60 - prime targets for multifocal lenses! (In fact, about 1/3 of the US population is between the ages of 40-59.) The majority of these patients are unaware that multifocal lenses exist, let alone know they are an option for them. My suggestion is for practitioners to select from their clientele those patients with low cylinders (-075 and lower), and invite them to their office for a consultation, during which time you promote multifocal lenses.

CooperVision is here to help – with both multifocal options and inner-office supplies. The Proclear brand of lenses offers options for both emerging and established presbyopes. One of the biggest advantages of Proclear is that it works well in low ADDs (Proclear EP +100) and works just as well in high ADDs (Proclear Multifocal +100, +150, +200, +250). We can also supply you with free pamphlets and point of purchase materials to grab the attention of your patients and intrigue them to ask about multifocals.

Another thing that I have noticed in my visits across the US is that most practitioners have fitted multifocals, but may not be aware that the Proclear Multifocal design is uniquely different. If the patient’s vision is poor (Binocular 20/40 or worse) you need to check their Monocular vision to determine where the problem is: in the D lens or N lens. All of this helpful information and more can be found in the Proclear Multifocal Fitting Guide.

A key factor in being successful with Proclear Multifocal is that you must know how to fit it - the product should be fitted successfully within a 15-20 minute time frame. I highly recommend that if you have not been successful in fitting Proclear Multifocal or have not yet fitted multifocals to review the Proclear Multifocal Fitting Guide or call the CooperVision Consultant desk for multifocal assistance at 1-800-341-2020. They are prompt and efficient in assisting you with the Proclear Multifocal!

Just to emphasis to you the profitability of promoting the Proclear Multifocal I’ve included a little example for you:

Cost of Proclear Multifocal (per Proclear Multifocal box)


Selling price per box


Profit per box




$32.00 x 4 (yearly supply)


Fitting fee


Profit per fit



8 fits a month = $2024 profit x 12 months = $24,288.00 a year + repeats in the next year. 

As you can see this is one way of growing your practice with multifocals and it is a repeat business from year to year!!

Do you have any tips on targeting the presbyope population? Let us know - we want to hear from you!

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