How to Enhance Your Practice with CooperVision Technology

How to Enhance Your Practice with CooperVision Technology

Welcome to On Eye, the contact lens blog from CooperVision. One of my roles at CooperVision is to manage the technology that contact lens experts use to fit, order, and manage a contact lens practice. Each new project is measured against the mission statement below. For us at CooperVision, it’s all about you. To meet your expectation of excellence I need your input – it’s my job to listen to you, and respond to your diverse needs. The application of technology is a key element in our mutual success.

CooperVision Global Mission Statement: We market contact lenses that enhance the experience of eye care providers and wearers alike through the application of technology, expertise and service. We listen to our customers and respond to their diverse needs.

This blog is a continuation of our use of technology to better serve your needs. The addition of On Eye marks an important step in our technology evolution. The On Eye project is different from other communication projects in that it depends on your input. On Eye is a two way street. We will continue to inform you of new projects and products through and often through email, but On Eye is your open invitation to join the conversation and help steer my direction. The contact lens market is crowded, diverse, challenging and depends on our ability to respond to you and your patients needs. Utilizing some of the tools we provide will enhance your experience. We offer a wide variety of tools and continue to push the design envelope to further assist you with the business of eye care, and technical fitting, and practice efficiency. I invite you to dedicate quality time in the evaluation of these practice assets. Choose to use those you find most valuable for your practice and tell me what you would like to see in the future. 

What technology is available?

  • The eCommerce system is in the midst of a major upgrade and will include many new features to make ordering and tracking faster and easier.
  • Lens Locator was recently launched to help you find lenses based on prescription.
  • Toric Track is in the final stages of formula revisions to improve toric fitting accuracy.
  • A major project facilitating the integration of your in-office software for ordering lenses is in the final stages and we continue to work on inventory management programs and business tools like profitability comparisons for setting retail pricing.
  • Our Online Learning Center is helping increase staff productivity and improves patient care.
  • CooperVision.TV has paved the way for many offices’ use of interactive video media in both the office and patients homes to further patient education. These are just a few examples of technology tools designed for you.

While many of these have been available, please feel free to provide us feedback on these as well.

Stay tuned to On Eye and The pace of technology change is aggressive. We are working to make sure you have the tools to keep pace. I look forward to hearing from you and am excited about sharing some of my work. If you have questions please contact your CooperVision Sales Representative or leave me a comment below.

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