Digital device use has increased dramatically in recent years and it affects all segments of the population.  Facebook now boasts over 2 billion users, and it is estimated that 1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched each day.  CNN recently reported that even children under 9 years of age spend an average of more than 2 hours per day on screens. As digital device use increases, so do complaints of digital eye fatigue, characterized by eye tiredness and dryness.  

The Biofinity® family of products continues to grow so you can meet the needs of more of your patients.  As the latest innovation for sphere wearers, Biofinity Energys™ is the lens designed to help your patients shift focus between on-screen and offscreen activities. It includes Aquaform® Technology
found in world-renowned Biofinity® lenses and Digital Zone Optics® lens design—helping patients with eye tiredness and dryness. 

Patients may not realize that their eye symptoms could be related to digital device use and therefore may not bring it up at their exam.  Globally, nearly 4 out of 5 (78%) contact lens wearers are interested in exploring ways to reduce their eye tiredness with an ECP. Nearly 3 in 4 contact lens wearers are willing to pay a premium for a contact lens that reduces the symptoms associated with digital eye fatigue. Yet only 14% of contact lens wearers report that they or their ECPs bring up digital device use during appointments.*

Be sure to start the conversation: ask about symptoms of eye tiredness and dryness as well as overall screen time so that you don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your patients to the lens designed to address their symptoms.  

Here’s more on how Biofinity Energys works:

Talk to your rep about how to upgrade your existing sphere wearers to Biofinity Energys for improved all day comfort on their digital devices.  And visit the Biofinity Energys product page for more information.

*2017 contact lens wearer survey.  Data on file.

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