If you could have only one lens modality in your practice, what would it be?  The fastest-growing segment of the US contact lens marketplace is daily disposable lenses.  Industry reports indicate that the 1-day lens market share amongst new fits has grown in the United States from 18% in 2012 to 25% in 2016 and continues to grow. 

Patients love daily disposable lenses because they’re convenient, easy, don’t require cleaning and because spares are always on hand.  In their 2013 article, “Daily Disposable Lenses: The Better Alternative”, Cho and Boost concluded that 1-day contact lenses offer significant lifestyle benefits to the wearer. 

Clinicians have embraced daily disposable lenses to as a means to protect ocular health and improve patient compliance.  The incidence of corneal infiltrative events with 1-Day lenses has been reported as being as low as 1/12th that seen in reusable soft lenses.  And 94% of patients who wear 1-day contact lenses are reported to replace them every day as instructed.1

“When silicone hydrogels hit the market in about 2001, I was amazed at what corneas started looking like. They started to breathe better. And when they were breathing better, I noticed that there was less neovascularization, better patient comfort, whiter eyes... And I thought, "Why not allow this product to be available to the patient who wants to change their lenses more frequently or every day, not just for the continual wearer? Then clariti® 1-day was re-released with a lower price point and generous rebate… every single one of my patients is being fit in that lens.”
Dr. John Ippolito, Ippolito Eye Care, Sterling, NJ

When fitting your 1-day patients, how important is silicone hydrogel?  Clinicians have grown accustomed to educating their planned replacement patients on the benefits of silicone hydrogel and higher oxygen transmission to the cornea… so why abandon that discussion when upgrading their modality to daily disposables?  A 2013 survey studied the wearing habits of 1-day contact lens wearers and determined that they wear their lenses for an average of 15 hours per day. It is well established that the consequences of low oxygen to the cornea over time can include complications such as corneal striae, epithelial microcysts and thinning, corneal distortion, limbal hyperemia and neovascularization.

The minimum Dk/t value to avoid corneal hypoxia has been widely researched and discussed in the literature.  Holden and Mertz initially suggested a minimum Dk/t of 24.1 to avoid hypoxic complications; later, Harvitt and Bonnano recommended a minimum of 35.  While uncertainty persists on the minimum healthy Dk, Papas proposed in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye that “…it does not seem unreasonable for a clinician to attempt to satisfy the highest [oxygen] criterion that available lens technology will permit.  This pragmatic approach has considerable appeal, particularly when, as is increasingly the case, access to suitable materials and lens designs can be had.”

Prescribe Oxygen™: clariti® and MyDay® daily disposable lenses. 

Access to suitable materials and lens designs for satisfying high oxygen criterion has never been easier than it is with CooperVision’s clariti® and MyDay® 1-day contact lens portfolio. The value and convenience of daily disposables meets the oxygen advantage of silicone hydrogel in both product lines, each with their own distinct advantages.

clariti 1-day contact lenses: available in sphere, toric and multifocal

clariti® is the world’s first and only FAMILY of silicone hydrogel 1-day contact lenses, offering options for sphere, toric and multifocal wearers alike.  With a Dk/t value of 86, clariti lenses offer a significant oxygen advantage over leading hydrogel 1-day options.  And clariti® lenses are available to patients at a comparable price, making them an easy, healthy and affordable entry point to the daily disposable modality. 

“CooperVision offers a tremendous amount of parameters in their silicone one days. I have patients that need to be wearing a multifocal. They have astigmatism which needs to be corrected. And the simple, spherical prescription…. any time I have a patient sitting in my chair that needs a contact lens, I can more than likely find a CooperVision product in a one-day silicone for them.”
Dr. Ippolito

MyDay daily disposable contact lenses: available in 90 and 180 packs

MyDay® takes comfort to the next level for myopes and hyperopes with its Smart Silicone™ chemistry for optimal breathability combined with a low modulus for optimal comfort.  For the patient seeking an upgrade to the best available comfort, look to MyDay®.

So why reach for a SiHy daily disposable lens?  Comfort, value, and convenience while safeguarding our patients’ long-term corneal health.

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