Help Your Patients Avoid Eye Strain in the Digital World

You’re likely well aware that presbyopes (ages 40-54) represent the largest segment of the population1, which yields an exciting opportunity for your practice. But did you also know that a majority of these patients are unaware that multifocal contacts are even an option2?

Once discussed, 75% of current lens wearers and 60% of spectacle wearers are interested in multifocal contact lenses3.  Think about the amount of patients you fit in contact lenses that are between the ages of 30-40. Now think about the amount of patients you see in general that are nearing (or have passed) the 40 milestone. If these numbers aren’t motivating you yet to start fitting more presbyopic patients, click here to see how presbyopes can add $25,000 to your practice in one year.

Not only are presbyopes the largest segment of the population, they’re one of the age groups experiencing the largest increase in technology usage. From smart phones to simply surfing the web, your presbyopic patients are using technology that puts increasing demands on their eyes. It’s reported that 74% of them use the Internet and 52% of them use it everyday4.  These numbers are only continuing to grow as social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn become more popular.

Aside from viewing objects at intermediate distance, those nearing the age of 40 or older tend to have trouble reading and seeing things close up. Did you know that 85% of baby boomers own a mobile phone5? Not only that, but presbyopes are the fastest growing demographic for texting6... help your patients see the technology they depend on with Proclear Multifocal and Proclear EP contact lenses.

Still don’t believe it? Take the Proclear EP Challenge and test it out yourself.

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