Steve Diamanti

CooperVision’s Steve Diamanti, PhD, Senior Manager, Chemistry, recently discussed with us how the Biofinity Energys™ contact lens demonstrates our company’s commitment to ongoing innovation.  “CooperVision has always been known for having state-of-the-art optics,” says Diamanti. “Of course, we are well-known for our toric design being best in class. People really like our multifocal designs. On our sphere lenses we had something called the aberration neutralizing system which has aspheric optics that provide crisper visual acuity. And that was a breakthrough in optics when it came out in 2006. It was the best you could do for sphere wearers in terms of vision.”

Diamanti discusses how that 2006 optical design inspired research and development to start thinking of new ways to improve the sphere lens wearing experience, particularly as patients’ visual needs rapidly evolved in subsequent years.  “The one thing that happened between when we launched that optical system in 2006 and today is that wearers’ lifestyles have really changed. If you recall, 2006 was when the first iPhone was launched. So back then something like a smart phone was something that was really cutting edge and only the elite few had that technology. Now, of course, everyone has a smart phone and the portable screen is ubiquitous across society.”  

Recognizing that the contact lens wearing experience was also changing along with this technological boom, research and development began looking for a new way to meet the digital device users’ needs.  “With Biofinity Energys™, we took it upon ourselves as a company to say, ‘You know what? The lifestyle of the contact lens wear has changed, so shouldn’t our optics change too?’ says Diamanti. “It was really cool because we created a totally new optical design that was designed for today's digital lifestyle rather than just taking an optical design we already had off the shelf and putting it onto a contact lens. We really thought about what today's wearers need that might be different than the way we've been making our lenses for the last 10 years.”

Diamanti says that this is just another example of CooperVision’s commitment to innovation across all aspects of contact lens design.  “That was the upgrade in technology that demonstrated that CooperVision is not just a powerhouse in silicone hydrogel materials, asserts Diamanti, “but that we’re also experts in lens design and optics too. And we will continue to innovate to keep up with the changing needs of today’s contact lens wearers.”

Dr. Angela Davis of Vandalia, Ohio

Dr. Angela Davis of Vandalia, Ohio agrees that Biofinity Energys™ allows her to address her patients’ modern visual needs. “I have had patients request this lens!” declares Dr. Davis. “That does not happen often, and since most of us spend a majority of our day staring at something electronic, it makes sense  to fit a lens designed specifically for the digital world in which we live. I believe we accommodate for more cumulative hours than we ever have. A lens that can help with that becomes my first fitting choice.”
When asked which patients have been most successful in Biofinity Energys™ contact lenses, Dr. Davis reported a broad spectrum of demographics.  “I find that this is a perfect lens for the new fit, since it handles so well,” says Dr. Davis. “And the young college people who are moving into careers love it.  And let’s not forget that smart phone that everyone from 13 years old and up is addicted to.  It works for all of them.”

When asked how she introduces the topic of Biofinity Energys™ to patients for the first time, Dr. Davis said, “That’s an easy conversation.  I tell them, ‘This lens was made with technology that may help keep your eyes from getting as fatigued. Would you like to have a pair to try?’  Once they have it on and wear it, it sells itself.”

Dr. Davis gives the following advice to other practitioners who are looking to introduce Biofinity Energys™ lenses in their practice: “I’m a huge proponent of ‘the Pepsi challenge.’ Give the patients the opportunity to try it against their current lens.  It’s as simple as that.  Remember that the younger generation in particular is very savvy and wants to stay current with the latest technology.  And how can you put a price on healthy, less tired eyes?”

Dr. Davis says that fitting the Biofinity Energys™ lens is no more difficult than fitting its standard sphere equivalent with no additional investment in chair time.  “It’s very ‘user-friendly’” she says. “Thank you for that!” For her, the greatest evidence of positive patient feedback has come in the form of the patients’ immediate commitment to the lens.  “They buy a year’s supply,” says Davis. “That speaks in volumes to me as far as feedback goes.”

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