Take the Proclear EP Challenge!

Take the Proclear EP Challenge!

In honor of Presybopia Awareness month, we encourage you to actively fit the growing number of presbyopes in your practice with multifocal lenses.  There is no better way to introduce your emerging presbyopes to a multifocal lens than with Proclear EP. We’re so confident about Proclear EP and the success you will have fitting it that we’re offering the Proclear EP Fitting Guarantee.

Proclear EP is the first and only multifocal contact lens designed for the emerging presbyope. It’s designed like a multifocal but fits like a sphere. Fitting is as easy as selecting the patient’s manifest refraction – there is no need to determine eye dominance or to compensate for ADD power. Even better, when their condition progresses, you can continue to fit your patients in the Proclear brand with Proclear Multifocal, and Proclear Multifocal XR.

 Take the Proclear EP Challenge: Trial fit 6 patients with an ADD requirement of less than +1.25 in Proclear EP between now and May 31st, 2010. We guarantee at least 5 patients will be successfully fit. If not, you will receive 3 free Proclear EP fits.*

Click here to download the form. Happy fitting!

*if less than 5 out of 6 patients were successfully fit you will receive a bank of 12 FREE boxes of Proclear EP. (Bank of 12 FREE boxes will be loaded onto your account on June 1st and will expire on 7/15/10.)

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