Proclear EP: A Proven Performer

Proclear EP: A Proven Performer

Looking for one of the easiest and most effective solutions for your emerging presbyopes?  Look no further than Proclear EP

Why fit your patients in Proclear EP? Millions of Americans are turning 40 in the next few years, meaning the market for potential multifocal contact lens-wearing patients is increasing drastically. Proclear EP is the first and only lens designed specifically for emerging presbyopes, providing a perfect way to transition your patients to multifocal contact lenses.

If you missed the first round of the Proclear EP Challenge – you’re in luck – we’ve extended the program until October 31st. Fit 6 patients in Proclear EP between now and then – we’re so confident in the Proclear EP lens and the success you’ll have fitting it that we guarantee at least 5 patients will be successfully fit. If not, you will receive 3 FREE patient fits of Proclear EP*.

For resources including fitting tutorials, patient videos, and patient testimonials, please visit our multifocal microsite.

Are you up for the challenge? Access the form here and start fitting!

*If less than 5 out of 6 patients were successfully fit you will receive a bank of 12 FREE boxes of Proclear EP. (Bank of 12 FREE boxes will be loaded onto your account on November 1st and will expire on 12/15/10)

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