What it is

  • An exclusive set of business support services that enable you to attract, retain and grow a loyal patient base.
  • Covers customer service, marketing and much more.
  • Available to your practice to support your practice growth and drive stronger relationships with your patients.
  • Designed to give your practice a real edge over your competitors, whether they are offline or online.

Grow a loyal patient base. Achieve your goals.

For support that helps build patient loyalty, get the CooperVision advantage™.

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CooperVision advantage business services include:


Patient communications exclusively for eye care. WebSystem3 will help you attract new patients, reduce no-shows and maximize profits.

  • A cloud-based patient relationship management system
  • Combines marketing and automation across all customer touch points
  • Enables you to connect with your patients through their preferred channels – when, where, and how they choose

LensFerry S

Make purchasing contact lenses from you so convenient there's no reason for your patients to look elsewhere.

  • A contact lens subscription service
  • Saves contact lens revenue for your practice 
  • Automatic direct-to-patient delivery
  • Patients can spread the payments out over time
  • Works seamlessly with major distributors
  • Charitable giving with LensFerry S Gives Sight


Premier is a turnkey digital solution that focuses on improving a doctor’s digital marketing presence. Doctors work closely with a digital consultant who will execute a variety of tactics.


Reach is a digital solution that drives patients to doctors’ practices through improved online visibility and regular social media posts.

Training and Development

Cutting-edge programs with a refreshing perspective.

  • Technical, communications, product and business training
  • Variable formats include digital learning, face-to-face workshops and one-to-one coaching 

SMS Reminders

A simple, yet highly effective way to maintain patient loyalty.

  • Prompt patients to repurchase from you before they think about shopping around
  • Ensure patient compliance to their wearing schedules

Marketing Support

Professional marketing solutions to help you grow your contact lens business.

  • Tailored promotions to in-store point of purchase displays
  • E-marketing tools to bespoke marketing solutions
  • And more

Direct-to-Patient Delivery

The easy and convenient way to supply lenses.

  • Patients order their CooperVision contact lenses from you; we deliver direct to their home or office, free of charge
  • Saves you time sorting post and contacting patients
  • Helps you support your patients

Ordering Made Easy

Our online ordering facilities are a one-stop shop for all your ordering and account management needs.

  • Easy to use and fast
  • Everything you need to manage your business with CooperVision


Leverages our expertise and best practice from over 25 years of delivering customized private label service and solutions. We collaborate with you to provide a tailored package to meet your specific needs and objectives. From brand identity development to bringing products to market, supporting their implementation to realizing sales growth, CustomMade is designed around you.

Practice Locator

When a patient is looking for a CooperVision lens-fitting practitioner, they’ll find you. We’ll feature your practice on the practice locator section of our website making you more visible to patients online.


For support that helps build patient loyalty, get the Coopervision advantage.


Why you need it

Because patient retention is key to growing a loyal patient base. And it’s a far more cost-effective way to run a successful practice.

It costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one1

"Globally the average annual revenue generated by a single contact lens patient can be as high as $326.”2

"Globally it can cost an ECP as much as $24,000 over the lifetime of a single patient who drops out of the contact lens category.”2

"Every year up to 30% of all contact lens wearers drop out.”2


1 Levoy B. Hard Lessons Learned About Patient Loyalty. Optometric Management. http://www.optometricmanagement.com/articleviewer.aspx?articleid=103759. Published December 1, 2009. Accessed November 10, 2016

2 Rumpakis J. New Data on Contact Lens Dropouts: An International Perspective. New Data on Contact Lens Dropouts: An International Perspective. https://www.reviewofoptometry.com/article/new-data-on-contact-lens-dropouts-an-international-perspective. Published January 15, 2010. Accessed November 10, 2016