Which Contact Lens Is Right For You?

Contacts lenses are a safe and reliable way for eye care patients to correct their vision without compromising an active lifestyle. In fact, as we covered in a previous post about contact lenses and sports, the most important reason for younger patients switching contact lenses was because of sports activity However, sports is not the only reason that patients may want to switch from eyeglasses to contacts. Whatever the reason may be, it is important that patients to know what factors to consider when choosing a contact lens with their eye care practitioner.

CooperVision offers a great resource called “The Right Contact Lens For You .” It is a simple questionnaire that patients can use to find out which contact lens can help achieve the best vision, comfort and overall health. It is a great way for patients to start the contact lens conversation with their eye care practitioner.

Here are some other factors that patients should consider :

  • Astigmatism: As we wrote about in an earlier post , astigmatism is a common refractive error that causes vision to be blurry because the cornea is abnormally curved. If a patient has astigmatism, contacts lenses known as toric lenses may be recommended. CooperVision offers toric lenses in all of our brands: Proclear, Avaira, and Biofinity.
  • Modality: Contact lenses are typically grouped by how long a contact lens can be worn before it is replaced . This is known as modality. Currently, there are three different modalities for patients and eye care practitioners to choose from. The first is known as 1 day; or daily disposable contacts. These lenses are worn in the morning by the patient and discarded at night. This is a great modality in terms of convenience for patients. CooperVision offers a 1 day contact lens with the Proclear brand . The second modality patients can choose from is known as 2 week contacts. Patients who prefer this modality can benefit from a more cost effective alternative to daily disposables . CooperVision offers 2 week lenses with the Avaira brand . The final modality is the monthly wear contact lens. This is the most cost effective lens and is ideal for patients who can be sure to care for their lenses and be compliant with eye care practitioners’ advice. CooperVision offers a brand in this modality known as Biofinity .
  • Special Lifestyle Needs: Are you a patient that suffers from dry eyes or allergies? Do you need a contact lens that will remain comfortable from extended wear? Are you planning to sleep with your contact lenses? These are all special lifestyle questions that are important when it comes to selecting a contact lens. For more information on contact lenses, make sure to talk to an eye care practitioner near you.
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