Refresh your view with a free trial of Biofinity lenses.

Looking for that “I can’t wait to put my contacts in” feeling? Look no further!  CooperVision’s Biofinity lenses are made from Aquaform Comfort Science Technology for luxurious comfort.  Click here for a free trial of Biofinity lenses to indulge your sense of sight this holiday season. 

CooperVision’s Biofinity line is available in three different lenses: Biofinity, Biofinity Toric, and Biofinity Multifocal. Whether you are looking for that comfortable lens to wear for sharper vision, astigmatism correction, or for perfect vision at any distance CooperVision’s Biofinity line has a lens for you.

Print out our free trial* certificate and bring it with you to your next visit to your eye care practitioner. To find a practitioner nearest you please click here.

*By prescription only. Eye exam may be required and this coupon does not include eye exam or fitting fees.

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