"Our Vision is the Most Important Sense We Have, It Makes Sense to Protect It"

Stephanie Elie is a blogger who recently attended CooperVision's multifocal spokesperson Dr. Jason Miller's webinar Protection: Your iHealth in the Digital World with Jason Miller, O.D. Dr. Miller's message about the importance of protecting your eyes from the strain of the digital world really hit home with her. Here's an excerpt from Stephanie's blog:

Our vision is probably the most important sense we have so it makes sense that we protect it.  My business and income is dependent on my vision, without proper vision I wouldn’t be able to work and provide for my family.

I’m almost scared to admit how many hours a day I spend on the computer, and if you calculate television time, my nook reader, and my iPod it’s downright frightening. But for argument's sake let’s just say it’s probably about twelve hours a day. Yes I spend half of the day using some kind of digital device; that’s about 8 hours at work on the computer, 1 hour of television, 2 hours of working at home and another hour of watching TV on my iPhone, reading with my Nook or checking email.  As a result, my optometrist has advised that I wear computer glasses to reduce eye strain.

Click here to read the other simple solutions Stephanie learned from Dr. Miller to help manage her eye health in the world of laptops, smart phones, and digital TV, listed in her full article, Maintaining Good Eye Health in a Digital World.

To read more about Stephanie, check out her blog at bizziemommy.com (Balancing work, life, and motherhood in a digital world). To read more about maintaining eye health in the digital world, read this article and click here for more information about CooperVision's options for presbyopic patients.

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