Gear Up for Hunting and Shooting Season with Multifocal Contacts

Aside from working in the ophthalmic industry for the past 30 years, I’ve also spent the past 30 years being active in competitive handgun and rifle shooting. Based on my experience in both fields, I’d like to discuss the effects of vision correction and aging on the sport of hunting and shooting.

Whether you’re a competitive target shooter, experienced hunter, or new to either sport, you need the right gear to be successful. You spend time, energy, and money prepping for the season and purchasing new equipment. Why not spend some time reviewing one of your most important pieces of equipment – your eyes. You may be surprised, but a review of your vision may help improve your performance.
Optics and Sight:
A younger shooter (under the age of 40) has native vision capabilities, meaning he or she is able to take full advantage of the optics on their firearms. As a shooter gets closer to 40 (the average age for the onset of presbyopia, a natural vision condition in which the eye starts to lose clarity for near images), he or she begins to lose the ability to use the sights or optics of their firearms, due to near vision loss, usually causing a decrease in performance level.

In these sports, simultaneous vision is key. Avid hunters and shooters purchase expensive equipment to ensure they can see the sights and target clearly. If you’re nearing 40 (or older), and facing the issue of losing near vision, one of the simplest ways to improve your game is to consider multifocal contact lenses.

How to Improve Your Performance: Multifocal Contact Lenses
If you want to fully maximize your capabilities for simultaneous vision, I highly encourage you to talk to your doctor about multifocal contact lenses. Multifocal contact lenses are the contact lens alternative to bifocal glasses. Bifocal glasses provide distance vision on the top level and near vision on the bottom level. With bifocal glasses, you have to adjust your line of sight to either the distance target or the near target. Multifocal contact lenses use optics specifically designed to produce both distance and near clarity at the same time, eliminating the need to force your eyes into different viewing levels.

Besides providing more natural vision, other benefits to wearing contact lenses while hunting or shooting include the elimination of foggy glasses, misplaced glasses, and not having to deal with rain on your lenses or the hassle of taking your glasses on and off. No matter what your vision correction need is, contact lenses are a great option for full time or occasional wear for sports.

*While you may choose to wear contact lenses for your personal vision needs, it is always recommended that you wear some form of eye protection when participating in shooting and hunting sports.

Whether you are an early presbyope (just discovering the need for reading glasses) or a presbyope with astigmatism, we have contact lenses for most every vision need. For more information about multifocal contact lenses, please visit our website.

To find the doctor nearest you, use our Practitioner Locator and ask about the Proclear line of contacts. Gear up for your best hunting and/or shooting season yet!

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