SVOSH International Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity Student Chapters

  • SVOSH International: Volunteer optometric services to humanity student chapters.

Program Description

Established in 1971, Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (SVOSH) is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring vision care to people around the world, particularly in developing nations. SVOSH is also committed to being the voice of optometry within those countries. There are student chapters of SVOSH at all ASCO member schools, and members participate in mission trips to serve populations in need with eye examinations and the fitting of glasses.

Poor vision can translate into failure that touches all aspects of life, including one’s health, relationships, academic success and career advancement. In the developing world and the U.S., those who cannot see are too often mired in poverty. Providing free quality vision care to those in need and correcting their vision can improve the quality of life for generations to come. Since 2016, CooperVision has been committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need all over the world by sponsoring the mission trips of SVOSH chapters across the country.

Benefits of the Program

  • $1,000 grant to each SVOSH chapter to help facilitate student mission trips.
  • Gain practical experience administering eye exams and treating patients who are in critical need of eye care.

How the Program Works

CooperVision® provides an annual grant to all participating SVOSH chapters. Grants are sent to each registered program in the month of September. No action is required by the participating SVOSH chapters or their schools or colleges of optometry.

Who Is Eligible?

All optometry schools and colleges are eligible for the program grants, provided they are registered as a student chapter with VOSH International. Check to make sure your school and/or college is registered here:

Program participants are generally third- and fourth-year optometry students.







Application Process


Any school interested in creating a VOSH student chapter should register before August in order to be eligible for September grant distribution:


Program dates


The program is open year-round and each student is allowed to select one patient during their third and fourth year of optometry school.


Contact Us


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Craig Bowen, OD Email:
Howard McAlister, OD Email:


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