Eric Rozran

Sales & Marketing Team Lead
Digital Strategy Intern 2013

Trong Luong

Global Business Analyst
Strategic Pricing & Analysis Interns 2015

Ching Yi Wu

Santa Clara University, M.B.A. '17
Global Strategy & Marketing Intern 2016

Vivian Do

San Jose State University, B.S. '17
Finance Intern 2016

Ankit Setya

University of Texas at Dallas, M.S. '16 
Sales & Marketing Systems Intern 2016

Angela Wang

University of California, Berkeley, B.S. '19
Marketing Analytics Intern 2016

Eric Rozran Sales & Marketing Team Lead - Digital Strategy Intern 2013

​"I was a member of the inaugural internship class of 2013. The CooperVision internship program was a wonderful start to my career! My time as a digital strategy intern allowed me to truly contribute to a global medical device company’s success, while learning for myself which areas in an organization I wanted to focus on in my career post internship. I worked extremely hard during my summer internship and was fortunate enough to receive a job offer following my college graduation. CooperVision has now given me the opportunity to work in field with sales representatives and customers, hire a team of field sales representatives, and now oversee one of our most exciting technical innovations, our LensFerry e-commerce platform."

Trong Luong Global Business Analyst - Strategic Pricing & Analysis Interns 2015

“I had a wonderful internship experience at CooperVision in the summer of 2015. I enjoyed learning about a new industry, working in a multi-national team, and applying my background in analytics to solve complicated business problems. In addition, everybody at the company, from the staff to the executive team, made me feel at home from the first day. After my graduate study, I returned to CooperVision at the beginning of  2016 as a full-time employee. I am now a Global Business Analyst in the Global Pricing group; working on improving data reporting process, analytical supports for new product launches, and developing more effective pricing models around the world.”

Ching Yi Wu Santa Clara University, M.B.A. '17 - Global Strategy & Marketing Intern 2016

​“As long as I can remember I have had a great passion for global business, and especially for business development strategy formation. My CooperVision internship this year was absolutely the perfect way for me to expand my career path.  My experience here surpassed my highest expectations regarding the professional business training provided, the high-impact mentoring I received, and newfound network of supportive colleagues and friends. Also, I find great value in companies that continue to push boundaries and CooperVision is one of those companies.  CooperVision not only allows, but it also encourages its employees to bring their talents to work, and work fearlessly.  Looking back on my short time here, I realize that one of the wonderful things about my global strategy project was that I could apply what I learned from my MBA.  Being able to apply my knowledge to a real-world case has taken my familiarity of global dynamics to an entire new level.  I now feel a greater sense of confidence as pursuing a long and fulfilling career.   

Vivian Do San Jose State University, B.S. '17 - Finance Intern 2016

“The Internship Program at CooperVision is unlike any other. As an intern for the Finance department, I created templates that can be used for the future, calculated cashflow variances, as well as developed consistent formatting and comparative analysis that can be used to provide feedback to the field. Everyone that I have encountered at CooperVision is incredibly welcoming and accommodating, they provide us interns with valuable knowledge.  My co-workers at CooperVision have taught me that with a lot of passion and hard work, there is no goal that you cannot reach. Because of this internship, I can begin the next chapter in my career with confidence and certainty.”

Ankit Setya University of Texas at Dallas, M.S. '16 - Sales & Marketing Systems Intern 2016

​"I want to thank CooperVision for providing me a ‘COMPLETE’ internship experience. It was an application of my studies in terms of the projects, but more importantly, I got an opportunity to develop my organizational behavior, networking and communication skills. The working environment was very affable and gave me the freedom to thoroughly show my talent. Throughout the summer, I worked on Web Analytics for Information Services. Hopefully now, having gained so much valuble experience, I will have a chance to build my future career in buisness intelligence and analytics."

Angela Wang University of California, Berkeley, B.S. '19 - Marketing Analytics Intern 2016

​"The best aspect of Cooper’s program is the environment; everyone is interested in furthering your personal development. Intern program events like training sessions and various social outings allowed for the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people in different departments, even senior leadership. In addition, my role exposed me to a variety of tasks, including data analysis, graphic design, and webpage development. As a rising sophomore, this internship has been pivotal in shaping my career path by not only providing insight into marketing, but also professional advice applicable to any career."