The CooperVision internship program is designed to enable students to synthesize classroom theory with real-life practice. Every intern is assigned a high-impact project focused on a key business challenge that allows them to make valuable contributions, learn new skills and accomplish successful outcomes during summer. Interns develop great leadership, analytical and presentation skills and make a great impact on the community through various professional networking and developmental opportunities.

From the company standpoint, interns bring a fresh perspective on business challenges with their creative problem solving mindset and innovative approach.

Purva Pradhan
HR Business Partner, Internship Program Leader

Program Perks

Learning and Development

One of the core goals of the program is for Interns to grow and develop. In a Lunch N’ Learn format, CooperVision leaders from various functional groups educate Interns on key components of the CooperVision business. These Lunch N’ Learns provide Interns with the opportunity to engage in dialogue and ask questions that lead to further insight about the company, as well as the medical device industry as a whole. Trainings allow Interns to gain essential professional skills, such as Effective Communication and Meeting Effectiveness. Through these courses, Interns learn how to navigate successfully in their careers after their Summer Internship.

Executive Presentations

Upon the culmination of the Internship Program, Interns present their Internship accomplishments to members of the Executive Leadership Team in a professional setting. Interns also give longer presentations to members of their department and fellow Interns. These presentations allow Interns to share their experiences at CooperVision, what they've learned during their summer as well as receive valuable feedback about their work.

Networking Events

Our Interns are able to network with CooperVision’s top Executives in both professional and casual settings. Throughout the summer, Interns have various opportunities to expand their professional networks, such as touring CooperVision’s R&D facility or our Manufacturing & Distribution plants. In addition, Interns are invited to attend baseball games, play bocce ball, and participate in bowling tournaments.


Intern Reflections

Ahanitha Ashok
San Jose State University, M.S. ‘17
Regulatory Intern 2017

I had a great passion working for Regulatory affairs while doing my Master’s program. Being a recent graduate, working on a project with all the Regulatory Specialists was a sample of real life after college. I really enjoyed the work culture at CooperVision. From the day one, Interns were treated like full-time employees and got assigned real and meaningful tasks which were crucial and beneficial to the company. Everyone was willing to help and happy to do so. This summer Internship at CooperVision was a great platform for me to gain insights into the Post Market Surveillance Project. I truly got a comprehensive knowledge during my 14 weeks here at CooperVision.  My biggest takeaway would be the new long-term professional connections which I forged with my colleagues and fellow interns at CooperVision.

Hillary Djatikusuma
University of Washington, B.A. ‘18
IS Marketing Applications Intern 2017

Everyone at CooperVision is so welcoming and encouraging! What really stuck out to me throughout this internship is the support we received in regards to pursuing more experience in different functions outside of our main project. Anyone took the initiative to learn something new is backed up with so much support from both the managers and our fellow interns. There were also many opportunities to learn useful skills and gain knowledge through a variety of Lunch ‘N Learns, training sessions, and one-on-one mentorship. This internship has allowed me to return to school with a new tool kit of hard and soft skills.

Sander French
Santa Clara University, B.S. ‘19
Marketing Technology Operations Intern, EyeCare Prime 2017

My experience at CooperVision was an exceptional start to my professional career. As a marketing technology operations intern in CooperVision’s subdivision, EyeCare Prime, I was exposed to a high energy start up style environment within a well-established corporation. I had the ability to apply my prior academic knowledge to a wide variety of marketing and data analytics projects and was provided constant help and guidance from my managers and coworkers alike. CooperVision always invites ingenuity and allowed us the opportunity to present our projects/ideas to high level executives. I will continue to use and build from the new skills and experiences gained here and have thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Ellen Randall
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, B.S. ‘18
Global Pricing and Contracts Intern 2017

I am very grateful to have been given the experience to intern for CooperVision. Working for the pricing department as an analytics intern, I created a template to capture the pricing structure for all CooperVision customers amongst the world. I enjoyed working with a global team to apply what I have learned in school to real world business situations to assist in the company’s success. CooperVision’s environment is unique because they truly value their interns and create a supportive learning environment. As the entire staff was very welcoming and friendly, I felt that I had the freedom to display my talents beyond my job description. At CooperVision I gained not only an insight into the field of global analytics but professional encouragement relevant to any career path. I feel that my internship at CooperVision will play an integral role in shaping my career path towards pursuing a career in global business.

Tiffany Wong
University of California, Santa Barbara, B.A. ‘18
Digital Marketing Specialist Intern 2017

What nearly everyone says they like best about CooperVision is the people, and this is true; everyone is unbelievably friendly, and you settle into a level of near-familial comfort almost immediately. Some of these people helped me better gain exposure to my field and ultimately helped me perform tasks such as competitive social media analysis and global competitor analysis. I’ve learned more about my field and about the professional world in general in 12 weeks of interning than I have in 3 years of college, and I’m excited to apply those learnings towards my future.