• Preference toric

Quarterly replacement contacts for astigmatism

At a glance
  • Quarterly replacement schedule
  • Great comfort
  • Excellent handling and durability
  • Extended power range also available for higher levels of astigmatism

If astigmatism causes you to experience blurry or distorted vision when looking at objects near and far, and you’d like durable contacts you can replace quarterly, consider CooperVision Preference® toric contact lenses. They provide great vision and comfort, and are designed for easy use.

Preference toric contacts also feature a light blue handling tint, which makes the lens easier to see when you’re inserting and removing it from your eye.

And if you have a high level of astigmatism, the extended power range of Preference toric XR contact lenses provide a great alternative or addition to glasses.

Talk to your eye care professional to find out which Preference toric contact lenses are right for you.

Product details

Astigmatism: A condition derived from a cornea or lens that’s stretched into an irregular shape, making images appear blurry.

Replacement schedule

Quarterly. Lenses are to be discarded and replaced with a new lens every three months.

Patient instruction

Go to the Patient Instruction page. This page contains important information and instructions. Please read carefully and keep this information for future use.