Preservative-free, one-step, peroxide system providing optimal lens disinfection for soft contact lenses replaced in 30 days or less.

Keys to Safe Contact Lens Wear:
How to Use Refine One Step™ Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

At a glance
  • Cleans
  • Disinfects
  • Removes proteins
  • Stores

Refine One Step™ Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is perfect if you need more support with your lens hygiene or are sensitive to preserved multipurpose solutions.

Proven highly effective contact lens disinfection for your peace of mind.

Contains 3% hydrogen peroxide

A proven disinfectant for contact lenses, 3% hydrogen peroxide is considered to be the most effective disinfectant you can use in a contact lens care system. It provides highly effective disinfection against both bacteria and fungi.1

Preservative-free solution

No preservative is taken up by the contact lens during storage

Ask your eye care professional if Refine One Step™ Hydrogen Peroxide Solution is right for you.

FDA Consumer Health Information download

FDA Contact Lens Care information

Patient instruction booklet

1 Lievens, Szczotca-Flynn and panellists, The Science of Peroxide for Contact Lens Disinfection, Contact Lens Spectrum issue January 2013, pag. 1-2