• Proclear EP contact lenses

Performs like a multifocal, fits like a sphere.

At a glance
  • Specifically designed for patients with up to +1.25 ADD
  • Perfect first multifocals and easy transition as presbyopia progresses
  • May address discomfort from dry eyes

Easily Fit Emerging Presbyopic Patients

CooperVision Proclear® EP lenses offer superior binocular vision at distance, intermediate and near. Designed specifically for the visual needs of the emerging presbyope, the lens features a center spherical distance zone and a progressive aspheric zone.

Fitting is as easy as selecting the patient’s manifest refraction.

No need to determine eye dominance or to compensate for ADD power for patients with less than +1.25 ADD.

Patented PC Technology™

CooperVision’s exclusive PC Technology™ creates a unique lens material in which the phosphorylcholine (PC) molecules attract and bind water to the surface, creating a shield that keeps the lenses clean and functioning properly. The PC molecules also help the lenses remain hydrated, which in turn, help them feel moist and comfortable all day long. That’s especially important for presbyopes, who often have issues related to dry eye. 


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