It’s no secret that social media is extremely popular today. With one click of a button, social media has made it easy for consumers to share their positive or negative shopping/buying experiences online. The voice of the consumer is one that has a lot of impact on a business and can influence potential customers.  In fact, statistics show that 90% of participants claimed that positive online reviews influenced their buying decision, while 86% said their decision was influenced by negative reviews.


Generating Positive Reviews

In order for patients to write about their experiences, there needs to be a platform in place. Make sure you claim and create profiles on all the review sites that are relevant to your business. The most common review sites are Google, Yahoo!, Yelp and Facebook, so invest in your business by spending the time to optimize these sites.

Most patients will look at 2-10 reviews before making their decision; you should make it a goal to get at least a couple of reviews. Of course the more reviews you have, the more established your practice will appear. Patients understand the importance of online reviews and are more likely to give you feedback right away. If a patient expresses gratitude or satisfaction with their visit, you should mention that you would appreciate if they would leave you the same feedback on one of your review sites.

Make your review sites accessible to your patients. Be sure to add links to all your review sites on your website, newsletters, or even to your email signature. Advertise your review sites in your office and when a patient leaves, ask them to please take the time to share their experience on one of your review sites.

Addressing Negative Reviews

If you receive a bad online review don’t be discouraged, sometimes this just happens and it’s out of your control. Try and turn the negative situation into a positive one. Instead of leaving the negative review unaddressed, you should privately contact the patient to hear their story. You should also publically address the review, but in a professional manner. Don’t argue or contradict what the patient wrote but rather apologize, and explain that this is not the norm.

Don’t ask patients to delete their negative reviews either because this can perpetuate a negative image to other potential patients. You should apologize to your patient and encourage them to give your business another chance - you could even offer some type of incentive or discount for toward their next visit.  This will come across as more authentic and professional.

For the foreseeable future, online reviews will continue to influence decisions for potential patients.  This is why it will be necessary for businesses to generate positive reviews while also addressing negative ones in a proficient manner. 

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I sent in all necessary documents and information twice, and both times my rebate request was rejected, supposedly because information was missing. Guess what -- the information was NOT missing. Why would I trust Coopervision, and why would I give Coopervision my business? By the way, the rebate tracking number is 689945337, in case you want to verify what I'm telling you, and my email address is, in case you want to get back to me. Whatever you do, DON'T respond by telling me to send you more information. I'm not interested in playing that game any further.

This process is a joke. You said I didn't send in the right documentation originally. I resent the information and got the same thing. Called and magically it was approved so they "sent out" a card immediately. Guess what? It never showed up... Call back get transferred and transferred again. "I'm sorry we will send you another card." Still waiting for it............ I will NEVER do business with you again. This process has been going on for around 3 months all over $50. If you would like to address concerns my email is

Hi Sean, thank you for contacting us. A new card was issued with to the correct address. If you still have not received the card, please contact so we can help track it. Thanks!

Cooper vision has one of the worse customer service. it's been over several days to activate rebate card still not done. Now card is blocked. Really bad experience. On hold for over 30 minutes right now.

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