So you received the news that you have astigmatism, or you’ve had it for years and you’re tired of dealing with it. Your thoughts then start drifting to what you can do about it. (For more information on the cause of your blurry vision, check out our article on astigmatism.)

When the conversation turns to correcting astigmatism, LASIK (or “Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis”) often turns up. For the right patient, LASIK can help correct refractive conditions like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

If all goes well, you won’t need to wear glasses or contact lenses. “Great!” you think. “Where do I sign up?” Well, before you set off for your ophthalmologist (an eye doctor who performs surgery), you might want to consider the following:


Astigmatism LASIK surgery cost for 2013

- Like many things, the exact cost may relate to who you see and where you live. In general, you can probably expect to pay around $3,500 - $5,000 in U.S. currency.  


When checking on the cost of LASIK, be sure to ask for details. Sometimes you may receive a quote that sounds much lower, but it might be per eye (a bit like pricing footwear per shoe). If a price sounds too good to be true, keep digging. There may be many strings attached.

One other important cost factor to consider: Paying for LASIK is often an out-of-pocket expense. Many insurance companies balk at covering it, considering it cosmetic surgery—not a necessity.


LASIK pain after surgery

- LASIK is a surgical procedure and there are different types of it. Essentially, a laser reshapes your eye’s cornea to help you see more clearly. And like any surgery, complications, although rare, can occur. There may be some pain involved afterwards during the healing process.


Your ophthalmologist can advise you best on this, but we wanted to point out that there’s more to it than simply shining a quick light in your eyes.


Qualifying for LASIK for your astigmatism

- Some people have LASIK surgery performed and love it. Keep in mind though that it isn’t an option for everyone. Some people with astigmatism have other conditions, such as keratoconus, where LASIK is not helpful. If you’re an adult (no kids allowed) and you have astigmatism, keep an open mind and consult your eye doctor.


Everyone’s eyes are different in some form. Ask plenty of questions about what you can realistically expect. LASIK may be able to correct your vision to acceptable levels so that you won’t need corrective lenses, but it can’t work miracles.  Set your expectations accordingly.

The option of whether to go with LASIK for correcting your astigmatism ultimately rests with you and your ophthalmologist. But before you sign up, consider all of the angles. As we said, preparing many questions for your eye doctor about the pros and cons of LASIK can be a great way to approach it (or any other surgical procedure). He or she will be happy to answer any queries you may have about LASIK for astigmatism. 


Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.
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Can you get Proclear contact lenses in colour insread of clear because i can not see the proclear lense on my finger to insert it in my eye

Hi Hester! Thank you for reaching out to us. Please contact us at so that we can assist you.

well ive been told i would need surgery fitted permanent lenses for my astigmatism and your saying laser would do it am i missing some thing here

Hi Joe! Thanks for commenting. While we provided some information on the topic, the best resource on your own personal eye care needs would be your eye doctor. We recommend you follow your eye doctor's advice.

My dr recommended Pro clear Toric and it ripped in the first week. I see numerous reviews online with the same complaint and even having their lenses rip apart while in the eye. Any thoughts or suggestions on any other kind of lens to get. I'd hate to invest in lenses that won't last long.

Hi Gabriela. Thank you for contacting us. Please email our Consumer Care group at so that we can learn more about your issue. Please retain your lenses if possible so we can have our team look at them.

It’s really a nice and helpful piece of information. I’m glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, My daughter is 3 and a half years old..and we just detect her astigmatism with 2.5 number....I heard that nutritional supplements help to improve eye sight or not to increase the true it is? And what is the minimum and maximum age to go for LASIK?

Hi Vrushali. Thank you for contacting us. Each patient’s eyes are different and must be evaluated by a licensed eye care practitioner. Therefore CooperVision, as a contact lens manufacturer, cannot offer you advice on Lasik. Please discuss nutrition and your daughter’s vision correction with her eye doctor.

Wow, you've been absolutely, completely unhelpful in answering every single person's questions! You may as well close comments if the best you can do are canned responses to "contact your doctor."

sir due to injury in my one eye. after that i am not able to see vision correctly i see only blurred vision? and lens do not focus in or out. please sir can u tell me the treatment or can u tell me the laser can be effective. i belong to pakistan and there is no qualified doctor to tell me what to do. please help me.

Hi Sameer, Thank you for reaching out to us.  We recommend that you seek medical advice from an eye doctor.  He/She will still be your best resource. We wish you well!

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