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Choices. Everyone likes having them. But when it comes to contact lenses, you get what you’re prescribed and move on with your life, right?

There’s good news:  you have the power to voice your opinion. Once choice that’s usually yours to make is your wear schedule.

While it’s true that your eye vision condition will dictate what type of contacts you wear, most of us can usually choose what eye doctors call the “modality.” That’s the frequency in which you change your soft, disposable contact lenses.

You can do this every day, every two weeks, or every month. Which is right for you? That largely depends on your opinion.

Do you want to avoid cleaning your contact lenses when you remove them? Go with daily contacts. Or, would you like to focus on stretching your dollars further? Since a daily schedule requires you to buy more contacts, those that you change every other week or every month may provide the answer. Your eye doctor can advise you further.

Glasses vs. Contacts: What do I wear today?

Just because you wear (or you’re thinking about wearing) contact lenses, that doesn't mean you've completely forsaken eye glasses.

Some contact lens wearers refuse to wear their glasses anywhere outside of their homes. Others like to mix things up a bit: Contacts at school or the office, and eye glasses at home in the evening. Others choose to wear contact lenses for a few days, and then finish out the week in glasses.

There are no wrong answers here. And why not mix things up a little? It’s fun and can keep others wondering what you’re likely to do next!

Whether you’re 100% on Team Contacts every day, or you like to show your secret identity in glasses, discuss your preference with your eye doctor when you’re shopping for your contacts. The more your optometrist knows about your personal preferences, the more he or she can help you find the best contact lenses for you.

Reading glasses: Yea or nay?

And speaking of glasses, if you’re of a certain age, you may have noticed that reading menus isn't as easy as it used to be. That’s because our eyes lose some of their ability to focus as we head over 40, especially when we’re in low light situations. It happens to everyone—even those who enjoyed perfect 20/20 vision. This condition is called “presbyopia” (a word that’s a mouthful, we know).

One easy solution to this problem is to don readers while deciding upon soup or salad. But what if you don’t want to suggest you’re over the big 4-0? Contacts for reading may be the right answer for you. They’re called “multifocal” because they can provide you with clear vision up close or far away.

Everyone likes choices. And with CooperVision’s Proclear family of contacts, you’ll have just that. They run the gamut from daily, two week, and monthly for their wear schedules. And, Proclear contacts fit every age and correct every common vision condition out there.

If you like choices with your contacts, you’ll get them with Proclear contact lenses. 

Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your eye care practitioner.

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This article is really helpful..I wear glasses but until now wasn't sure of wearing contacts. I'm definitely giving it a try.
Thank you.

One choice that I think you could help with is colored lenses. Your expressions are very popular but choosing a color requires finding someone with them in stock, driving there and trying them on (usually dragging along the significant other who actually knows what looks good :) ). I suggest that since so much contact business is done online you should offer a package of expressions contacts with one of each color. It would be great for people who want to try them in their own homes and I suspect some people would even like the idea of being able to wear different ones on different occasions.

I just talked with a customer service rep who confirmed HndlTint is NOT a tint on the contacts like a color such as blue,brown,etc. It is a handling tint applied to the contact for handling and touching. Good to know!

Hi Jamie: this probably refers to contact lenses that are tinted in color to help with ease of handling. I hope this helps!

I started wearing proclear years ago and now the toric proclear lens for the past two years and I just love them!

I ordered Proclear Multifocal a few weeks ago because the doctor recommended this brand since they "would not" tear as easily. I started wearing my first set and after one week they tore very easily. If Cooper Vision is interested, I can send the torn lenses so you can find a solution, if one is found. Or, at least you can determine how to improve the product. 1800CONTACTS is replacing the lenses since I ordered through them but I'm more interested in finding more tear resistant lenses. If anyone at Cooper Vision wants additional feedback feel free to write to me at

Dear Frank, our Customer Care team will follow up with you shortly at the email address you have provided.

Hi Vivien, the best resource for any questions on replacement schedules is your eye doctor. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Consumer Care team at

can't seem to find the actual colors that CooperVision offers. Is there a color chart on this site or must I go to a retailer/opthamoligist that might carry these? Am I missing something? With all the complimentary posts, I would be a bit hesitant to go with another manufacturer. Due soon for new lenses. Had worn Illusions by Ciba for years which have been discontinued. Can you help?

Hi Carolyn! Thanks for reaching out to us. If you have questions, the best resource would be your eye doctor. You can also reach our Consumer Care group by emailing us at

The Proclear lenses I recieved from my eye dr are different from the Proclear I just received from 1800contacts. Did CooperVision change the Proclear lense? This new one I recieved is much thinner, and not as easy to handle as the lenses I got from the Dr.

Hi Heather. Thank you for contacting us. The only thing that may have changed with Proclear is our packaging, but the lenses are still the same. If you still need assistance regarding your lenses, please contact our Consumer Care group at

I was going to buy my contact with 1-800-Contacts and they say that you have new packaging for the Biofinity Toric line. Is that true, am I buying bona fide CooperVision?

Hi Karen. Thank you for contacting us. Yes, our packaging has changed. Our new Biofinity packaging looks like the ones you see here:

We hope this helps you. Should you have any other questions, please contact our Consumer Care group at

I just started wearing contacts at the age of 65. I have been prescribed the Biofinity contacts. I love them. The only problem I have is nite driving. All the lights look like starburst or have halos. Any suggestions.

Hi Jo Ann. We would suggest that you to talk to your eye doctor about this issue immediately as your eye doctor is your best resource. Your eye doctor can call our Customer Service Department and speak to a Lens Consultant if he or she needs assistance. We hope this helps you.

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